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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Aug282012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 28-August-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 



Round-up of CQ and library issues M3-RC2 package name changes and removals in final push for release - Winston to add the remaining CQs for approval other release activities to be assigned to group hoping these will be approved in order to release for JavaOne

PR - information for PR is being written


- Duncan to followup with David Lint - plugin wiki pages - update the individual plugin pages to show the 2.x and 3.0 version with change version notes cleanup the individual pages look at the classification pages (do tier1/tier2 categories still apply)

EclipseCon Europe

no papers accepted from this group 4/5 papers around CI/Hudson have been accepted

Next public Meeting: September 10th

Attendees Steven Christou Brian Fry Geoff Waymark Winston Prakash Susan Duncan

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