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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Aug132012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 13-August-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 


  • RC1

Plugins - all excpetions on load are now caught - work continues on ensuring 'favorite' plugin issues are fixed by upgrade/forking - JFreechart is not listed - bob to fix - Wisnton to solve plugin issues raised by henrik (or disable if no time pre release) - bob has updated plugin verification JNA - only issue is creating Windows Service for slave - disabled for 3.0 as needs extra work

Plugin Centers - PluginCentral - 2.x - PluginCentral3 - 3.x

  • RC1 is staged

(released by mistake - if any issues found will fix and release RC2 - bug verification and release by the end of this week - need to blog about this to get external users to try it Winston is working with to get them to do sandbox testing - Java platform group - Oracle Middleware group - Eclipse Foundation

  • 3.0 release is primarily to ensure that we can release from Eclipse

- will address widely used plugin compatibility - must fix issues and show progress very quickly and consistently - with 3.0.x releases

  • Collateral and Publicity

- Winston/Duncan to speak to Greg and to Hudson mentors about what is needed for Eclipse release (vote?) - Winston/Duncan/Greg to talk to marketing about release collateral

  • 3.1

- performance issues (like daily reboot of Hudson for some Enterprise users) - need to decide on the timescale for milestone releases (monthly, quarterly) - Eclipse is yearly 'release'

  • Is anyone from oracle participating in any eclipse demodays, devOps,

Javaone event or similar? - have sessions and lab at JavOne - have requested a session for EclipseCon Europe

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