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Hudson-ci/community meetings/April82013

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 8-April-2013


  • Planning for 3.0.2 - Get your bugs in now or join the call and let us know your feedback
  • Feature discussion for 3.1.0
  • Hudson @ EclipseCon Recap

Feel free to add your own agenda items to the list. If you do so, please include your name and be on the meeting ready to lead that topic.


Geoff, Greg, Winston, Bob


  • Merging 3.0.2 bug list into Hudson 3.1. - Currently no critical bugs have been identified for Hudson 3.0.2. Most of the bug fixes have been on the plugins side. In order to give us more time for feature work in Hudson 3.1, we are merging the current bugs for 3.0.2 into the 3.1 release. Attendees voted in favor of moving Hudson 3.0.2 work into 3.1.

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