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Hudson-ci/community meetings/23jan2012

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Hudson-bust.png Minutes 23-Jan-2012

  • 3.0.0 Milestone 0 release is out. Congratulations to all for getting it to this stage.
    • Details of the libraries moved and the CQ process to date are available here
    • Priorities for M1 and M2 (Feb and March) are
      • Enable HawtJNI
      • Remove Groovy to an external plugin (Lucas to check into Eclipse problems with using Groovy - based on both 'non Java' and provenance issues)
      • Remove possible redundant libraries (such as multiple logging libraries)Discover and fix any plugins that are broken due to above steps
    • Plugin testing effort
      • Any bugs discovered in 3.0.0 should be logged in Eclipse Bugzilla
      • Email Susan/Duncan to ensure that either plugin owners are kept in loop and plugin updated or plugin is forked and fixed in Hudson
      • Susan to create a wiki page (Eclipse) for community to list plugins tested and the results - to avoid duplication of effort
  • Other Eclipse Move progress
    • Initial Code Contribution
      • Work continues to get all libraries updated, approved or removed
    • Machine Provisioning
      • New machines have been delivered courtesy of Oracle
      • Fully secured, maintained and rebootable from US and UK
      • JIRA, Hudson on Hudson, wiki (plugins)to be moved on asap
      • Susan/Duncan to look into getting Sonar installed
  • Winston Nominated Henrik for Technical Leadership role to support Hudson plugins.
    • Duncan, Manfred and everyone on call agreed this was a good step
  • Status on the Hudson book and strategy going forward
    • Duncan to check the status of the copyright with regard to addition contributions to the Hudson Book
    • New topics such as plugin development could be added to this or a new publication started.
  • Gerrit workflow is being introduced for Eclipse commits. This will enable non-committer contributions


  • susan duncan
  • geoff waymark
  • manfred moser
  • henrik lynggaard hansen
  • stuart mcculloch
  • lucas panjer
  • duncan mills
  • denis tyrell
  • winston prakash

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