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Hudson-ci/Using Hudson/Statistics Collection

Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Hudson Statistics Collection

Hudson installations obtain metadata for the update center periodically. This happens over HTTPS, so on the server this results in some statistics information about how many Hudson installations are out there. This HTTPS request contains the version number of Hudson that's making the call. The request also reveals several other information, like the IP of the caller, etc., which is inherent in any HTTP request.

The opt-out feature in the Hudson configuration allows you to prevent the collection of data.

The data that is collected is:

  • Number of total slaves/executors in the system
  • Number of jobs
  • JVM version
  • OS
  • Plugins that are installed

The data send to the is encrypted and gziped. Here is a sample of the data sent to the server: - - [28/Mar/2011:19:57:20 -0800] "GET /usage-stats.js?

Egj1fU+7HrLhyIpDJxA1zI4df3VLeAulXoCbO5tOM1f/964JN/nWlh2YCt5Ogfrp4B3vMt/ eWlGssV9G6Vb6zeh8HuTFY7JQZWVJKwrFYYiVBXlhMPAtHFJ6XBlG0Y/LaE0LekETLTn0OZyE /5QvUtWoPi3sHxKDauS4QTPh6vCcO83IzoqfQ3IwnW1Leq5p3dYUdDIGSfV6Cw8YV9fz6JkQd JhDskZhcPQ9ImZW9B+bQUrAKWJXEd0Jl/BEXNGSs4gZBV2vDGA7kIrnZf3x0qsZTk81zccO4Y 7nMv+zLMSbxSaZhjmmXBAPlZ9gCR6xAH50RV0CybOtH0uAPVtioHXB0xAGeFW1JEmj9df00wS kwKXxKg0qb6u7roUeY6n8tkxTudzErHCkhI2MBPhNeBnDsumWlOkL25r2d6y4MGMe1U2AgxqJ 2xasTXNrLf3VTJkiSmiTLUNPqW68ZaEYWwdyV3dPR6N7AwR0ar0RoaCDxcffGAFu4QqmRGd5E lADCxt0XcgQDMT9iqySAQQ83V40d9eH63gu+0frdUZJMuXchcQ3ZRsP8rdhp6Mb849YO8BVkf /niuBBkDHN7vUkPlrWpDE14N5RHE1WqkQtdwA5dmm5dGNv6c4QfPYdOG+mlFJg/F0o+rbKSIj Ldx/GhzHA+Wk++qyRIfrOWormP51IHZuIQKAPyLOKhw52Tezis0Pd+E2Tp206RdDrAhtwXXbn ZME8qKAJCjDmFbWMJ2vhoFEWvPw/yZAwnBrjOD1g

HTTP/1.1" 200 49 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_4; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/10.0.648.204 Safari/534.16"

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