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Hudson-ci/Hudson Install Stats

Installs based on Unique IP

Hudson installations periodically sends home ( an encrypted packet containing information like

  • Unique ID of the server
  • Version of Server
  • Installed Plugins
  • Number of Jobs

Based on the analysis of this data it is possible to get an estimate of Hudson installations. Here is the total Hudson installs based on these data collected between (Feb 15 and Jun 15, 2012)

Hudson Install stats (Mar - May, 2012).png

The following pictures shows install stats plotted on Google Earth. Four images attached for different angle of the earth. The Lat/Lon from Unique IP address are generatedand and then a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file is created  from it. The KML file is overlayed over google earth. 

Hudson installs at North America

Hudson installs North America.jpg

Hudson installs at South America

Hudson installs South America.jpg

Hudson installs at Europe

Hudson installs Europe.jpg

Hudson Installs at Asia

Hudson installs Asian.png

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