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Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Acknowledgments

Hudson of course is a community effort and over the years, many people have devoted time and considerable effort to both the code and the documentation associated with it. First of all we want to specially recognize Kohsuke Kawaguchi who originally conceived and developed Hudson. Much of what you read in this wiki will have been originally written or at least touched by him at some point in it's lifecycle. However, many others have also contributed, and we thank you all!

In no particular order, and not yet a complete list:

  • Alan Harder
  • Chris Graham
  • Ilko Iliev
  • Romain Seguy
  • A. Kostadinov
  • Bogdan Iosif
  • Xavier Le Vourch
  • Tim Pizey
  • Guillaume Rams
  • Manfred Moser
  • Geoff Waymark
  • Tim Basset
  • Brian Trisler
  • Eric Broyles
  • Gregory Golin
  • Jay Meye
  • Dean Yu
  • Alex Yanchenko
  • Christoph Kutzinski
  • Susan Duncan
  • Winston Prakash

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