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Higgins white paper outline

  • Draft
  • Editor - Hank
  • A Higgins paper, published under the EPL, with copyright by individual contributors.
    • 1 long complete paper ~30 pages
    • Will have follow-on effort of shorter documents
  • Goal
    • Make Higgins More digestable. To educate people to a solution

  • Outline
  • 1. Clarify the Audience (Why does he reader care)
    • Target Audience - Persons who have no previous background in Higgins, who need something between the home pages and the technical details.
      • Decision makers - business managers (CIO, CTO's and privacy/policy people).
      • Not for Joe the plumber.
    • Audience orientation There are perspectives - both consumer and enterprise space. (There is tension between user-centric and Enterprise....)
    • See Paul blog on user-centric. Also Blakley's relationship stuff and Dave Kearns' blog.
    • From the consumer point of view
    • Enterprise point of view (may come in front door and or back door)

  • 2. History of the technology of related efforts, what are their limitations, and what is there current status. (What are the things out there that need to be considered to provide context. Venn of Identity Diagram (Eve M.)
    • Passport, why it "failed"
    • Liberty
    • Lid..
    • OpenID (high level) (Phishing issue...)
  • 3. Higgins deeper dive (issue two doors (Higgins client and Higgins Server - yes or 3 doors?)
    • Positioning
      • Higgins problem statement.
    • What are the problems we are trying to solve?
    • Use a consistently themed story (as per advice of that book.) through out the paper
      • Paul with consumer perspective problems
      • Mary with enterprise perspective problems
      • World will stay heterogeneous or (not plausible or possible to have one thing.)
      • Need to avoid single vendor lock-in
    • Higgins point of view - Higgins "answer" - design center - What is Higgins?
      • Works with open source and closed source
      • Provides a set of abstractions for identity and data that are plugable
    • Architecture (Extensible, pluggable (Eclipse values), yet multi-platform....)
      • Selectors
      • Web Services
      • IdAS - very special service
        • CP's
    • Implementation
    • Deployment use case(s) to make this concrete Using a consistent story.

  • 4. So what does this mean? (Did it solve the problems?) Where do we see things going.
  • 5. Conclusions /next Steps


  • Content Delivery
    • Needs to print well
    • Also available on-line
    • Have electronic footnotes - that lead to wiki

e.g How Novell got involved

    • Consider the greater context of a book.


  • Obvious questions that need to be answered somewhere...
    • CardSpace and Higgins interoperability
    • It is not able to...
    • Relationship between Higgins and DP
    • Higgins project History - e.g. solving problem for Novell and Higgins

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