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Higgins Demo App

The Higgins demo app is a standalone RCP app intended to demostrate a simple use of the Higgins framework to integrate identity information across two very different contexts using context provider plug-ins. The first context provider, called ProfileShare, has been completed. A second context provider, called ECFCollab is under development for Milestone 0.3. The demo app will then show how an identity in one can be correlated in the other using a third provider for the user's "root" context.

This app is focused on a the management and virtual integration of a user's identities, profiles and social relationships across multiple social and professional contexts. Examples of this kind of context include family groups, project teams, supplier networks, ecommerce sites, web services, associations, organizations.

The ProfileShare provider is uses an EMF (and SDO) based data model to describe a person's first, last name and a couple of email addresses. It then uses ECF (using the generic ECF provider) and ECF's "graphshare" (ecf.sdo) plug-in to replicate changes made in one instance of ProfileShare running in one instance of the demo app with other instances of ProfileShare in other instances of the demo app.

The demo app has an interface where you can type in your first and last name, etc. If you run another copy of the demo app, and click the "save changes" icon, and click "Sync" from them main menu of one app you should (modulo a couple of update bugs) see the changes in the other app.

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