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Higgins 2.0 Wishlist


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Wishlist for Higgins 2.0. See also Higgins 2.0 Project Plan

Active Client

Personal Data Store

PDS Client

PDS Client 2.0 TODO:

  • Running as Windows Service
  • Running as OSX process

Attribute Service 2.0

  • Attribute Service 2.0 Provides RESTful bindings over IdAS using at least the XDI protocol. The intent is to use JSR-311 (and Java 5.0) to create a multi-protocol framework. A RESTful version of XDI could be supported by such an approach. A "full" XDI (e.g. the XDI Engine) might have to sit "beside" this framework.
  • Over time add support for other protocols such as Plaxo Portable Contacts, OpenSocial, etc.

Proposals, ideas and design work

  • Higgins XDI Harmonization - how to harmonize the current Higgins dialect of XDI with what is being called PDX XDI
  • HGraph - a new entity-centric API/layer above the current context-centric IdAS API/layer

Identity Services

Building Blocks


Data Models

In 2.0 we define Persona, our first "concrete" data model (aka schema, ontology and vocabulary). This is a data model for personal information about people.

We have made a few revisions to these underlying models:

IdAS Interface Changes

  • Sub-contexts: what is our plan - are we going to implement sub-contexts using NG4Jena?
  • Graph traversal: which are we going to implement?
    • Walk a link to an entity in a different context and you get back the UDI or
    • Walk a link to any entity and get back either the real thing or a lazily loaded proxy
    • Some other idea
  • Updating the model interface & hiding the model context

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