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Higgins 2.0


Higgins 2.0 is the new code base to implement a PDS. A PDS is a cloud-based service that works on behalf of you, the individual. It gives you a central point of control for personal information about a you. Things like your interests, contact information, addresses, profiles, affiliations, friends, and so on. A PDS is a place where you establish bi-directional data flows between external businesses and your PDS. Or between your friends' PDS and your PDS.


At 50,000 feet there are four major conceptual pieces:

  • PDS: Back-end services to support the web client
  • ADS: An RDF/OWL "quad" store holding the user's data described using the vocabularies of the Persona Data Model 2.0. It exposes these data to the Portal and the HBX (see below) via an HTTP/Comet messaging interface. It also exposes the data via a SPARQL endpoint for server-to-server integrations.
  • Client: Web HTML/JavaScript client UI. Lets the user see and edit attributes.
  • Higgins Browser Extension (HBX): Loads JavaScript programs from the PDS and runs them within the browser. It also provides an API that allows it to read and write to the PDS. This locally running code could, for example scrape data from a web page and store it in the PDS.



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