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Higgins/Attic/Active Client 2.0

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In Higgins 2.0 we are moving beyond OASIS IMI selector functionality to add support for managing passwords, Higgins relationship cards, as well other protocols such as OpenID. Even more exciting, it becomes a client for the Personal Data Store 2.0. It becomes a dashboard for your personal information and a place to manage "permissioning"--deciding who gets access to what slice of your data.

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This Windows and Mac active client is written in C++ and uses the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework.

End-User Perspective

Planned Functionality

  • Dashboard
    • Provides a dashboard for your personal data.
    • A place to see and manage all of your identity data attributes (including profile data, credentials, friends lists, etc.) whether stored in your own PDS or managed by others
  • PDS Client
    • Provides access to PDS data
    • Client is based on the PDS Client component (see PDS)
    • Supports local copy of (most of) the PDS data
    • Encrypts values of attributes on the client (thus attribute data on PDS is "blinded" from the PDS operator)
    • Integrates Google Nigori for client-side encryption and key management
    • Relies on an external Authentication Service (see Identity Services)
  • Permissioning
    • A place to manage the permissioning policies that control which of your attributes are shared with whom (including so-called “selector” functionality to approve the release of your info)
    • We're looking at Kantara UMA as a foundation for this when the data source is not on your own PDS
  • Personas
    • Support for editing & management of a small number of "personas" like "work", "home & friends", "citizen", "health". These personas are digital identities that are useful beyond the context of interactions with a single website or application.
  • Profiles
    • Maintains the set of attributes that you've used at a particular website or application
  • InfoCard Selector
    • A place to import & manage your i-cards (so-called IMI "selector" functionality) and OpenID OP relationships
    • Import personal and managed IMI cards
    • Allow log in to IMI compatible websites
  • OpenID Support
    • Integrated OpenID cards--active client initiates the re-direct greatly increasing security
    • Support for OpenID V.Next and/or OpenID Connect or however this all sorts out
  • Univeral Login UI
  • Roaming support: optionally maintains a blinded copy of the user's data on the Personal Data Store 2.0


  • Browsers: Firefox 3.0+, IE7+, Chrome
  • Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • MacOSX 10.6+
  • Higgins Selector Switch

Card types/protocols:

  • Managed and personal IMI information cards
  • Managed OpenID information cards
  • Managed and personal Higgins relationship cards

Developer Perspective



Processing Flows

  • Installing an AppCard Flow
  • Uninstalling an AppCard Flow
  • PDS Client Startup Flow
  • PDS Client Shutdown Flow
  • Loading a WebPage Flow
  • Invoking getExAttributes Flow
  • Invoking setExAttributes Flow
  • Invoking ... Flow


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