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This project has been archived

This is the wiki page of the Hibachi project, an Ada Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and tooling framework for the Eclipse platform.

This project is in the incubation phase, and this wiki is currently a stub. If you wish to contribute to this wiki entry, you must have a bugzilla account, which may be obtained by anyone.


  • Hibachi is intended to be a full-featured IDE for developing Ada native and embedded applications which will be independent of the underlying Ada compiler technology.
  • Hibachi will be architected in such a way as to allow integrators the possibility to extend or replace the functionality it provides.
  • In addition, Hibachi will provide an open framework for the integration and use of other tools used during the lifecycle of large-scale Ada application development. These tools include but are not limited to Static Analysis, Modeling, Testing and Verification, Performance Analysis, Documentation, Refactoring and Configuration Management.

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