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This talk page is for discussion relating to the Hibachi wiki only. This is not the place to ask questions regarding Eclipse or its usage. For such queries, you should try a newsgroup on, or a forum site like EclipseZone.

Organizing contents

There are three techniques to organize the contents in this wiki, as explained in Eclipsepedia:Organizing Content. I've chosen the first one, i.e. using slashes (for example Hibachi/Press) mainly for two reasons:

In addition, each subpage should be put inside the Category:Hibachi, i.e. the following code should be placed at the end of the page: [[Category:Hibachi|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]].

However, this organization can be changed in the future if needed, that's the advantage of a wiki! Best regards —surueña 11:22, 24 November 2007 (EST)

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