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OCL2AC is a tool for transforming OCL constraints into application conditions of rules, leading to constraint-guaranteeing rules. Such rules are only applicable to models that satisfy the constraint at hand, and guarantee that it will still be satisfied after the rule has been applied.

OCL2AC comprises two main components:

  • OCL2GC translates OCL constraints into a set of semantically equivalent (nested) graph constraints.
  • GC2AC integrates graph constraints as (guaranteeing) application conditions into Henshin transformation rules.


Prerequisites: We assume an Eclipse with EMF and OCL SDK installed. Note that OCL SDK, unlike EMF, is not part of standard distributions like the Eclipse Modeling Tools. To install OCL SDK, use the default update site of your Eclipse (e.g., in Eclipse Neon, the default update site is )

How to install: OCL2AC is available from Henshin releases from 1.8.0 onward and via the nightly build (see update sites; upon installation from update site, search for the "OCL2AC" feature, and make sure to also install the "Henshin SDK" feature if you don't have it).


Please refer to the external usage instructions at


Lead developer of OC2AC: Nebras Nassar

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