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The Sierpinski Triangle example is a very simple example which we use to do some benchmarking for Henshin's interpreter. The Sierpinski triangle is a fractal which is constructed by iteratively dividing triangles into sub-triangles. The number of nodes in the triangle grows exponentially with the number of iterations.

The transformation consists of a single rule, which divides and adds new triangles. The screenshot below shows this rule in the graphical editor.


The transformation files and the Java source code are available in the examples plug-in in the sierpinski package.

The following benchmark was conducted on a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU @ 2.50GHz with 8GB of main memory using Henshin 0.9.2. The parameters for the benchmark were automatically set using a script. All times are in milliseconds.

  Level     Rule applications     Nodes     Matching Time     Application Time     Total Time  
1 1 6 0ms 1ms 1ms
2 3 15 1ms 1ms 2ms
3 9 42 1ms 3ms 4ms
4 27 123 4ms 8ms 12ms
5 81 366 13ms 27ms 40ms
6 243 1,095 37ms 67ms 104ms
7 729 3,282 73ms 158ms 231ms
8 2,187 9,843 125ms 195ms 320ms
9 6,561 29,526 107ms 231ms 338ms
10 19,683 88,575 185ms 219ms 404ms
11 59,049 265,722 441ms 723ms 1,164ms
12 177,147 797,163 1,309ms 2,500ms 3,809ms
13 531,441 2,391,486 3,627ms 9,944ms 13,571ms
14 1,594,323 7,174,455  14,609ms 117,470ms 132,079ms

Contributed by Enrico Biermann and Christian Krause

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