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Henshin's Ecore2GenModel example is an exogenous transformation for translating an Ecore model to a GenModel. This transformation was implemented for the Transformation Tool Contest (TTC) 2010. It includes a higher-order (HO) transformation for Henshin. Please note that this example is intended as an illustration for Henshin, not as a replacement for EMF's GenModel generation functionality.

A detailed description of the transformation can be found here: Enrico Biermann, Claudia Ermel, Stefan Jurack: Modeling the "Ecore to GenModel" Transformation with EMF Henshin. Proceedings of TTC'10.

The transformation consists of two parts: the generation of the GenModel and a customization which removes trace links using a higher-order (HO) transformation. The models, transformation, source code and example input / output models can be found here.

Generating the GenModel

The following screenshots depicts the rules and transformation units for the generation of the GenModel.


Customization (HO-transformation)

The following screenshots depicts the rules, meta-rules and transformation units for the customization part. For details, please take a look at the paper cited in the beginning.


This example requires Henshin 0.9.3 or higher.

contributed by Enrico Biermann, Claudia Ermel, Stefan Jurack and Christian Krause

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