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Henshin/Code Generator for Giraph

In addition to its interpreter engine, Henshin also supports generating Java code for Apache Giraph.

Getting Started

You can find here some first steps to get started with the Giraph code generator.

Generating Giraph Code

To generate Giraph code, right-click in the graphical or the tree-based editor on a rule or a unit and select Generate Giraph Code. Choose the target package and check out the options. When you click on Finish two classes are being generated in the same folder as the Henshin file. One is a generic helper class that is common for all Giraph-based transformations (it is called HenshinUtil). The other class contains the code for your transformation. It contains the code for used rules and units.

Setting Up Giraph

The generated Giraph code has been tested with the release branch of Apache Giraph and Hadoop The easiest is to use git pull to get the Giraph source code, and to download the Hadoop binaries using the above link. Then un-tar the Hadoop archive somewhere.

Next you should build Giraph. Change into the Giraph source folder and use mvn clean package -DskipTests. For this you need Maven installed. Make sure that the build was successful.

Hadoop Configuration

Set the Hadoop home and Java home directories in conf/ in the Hadoop directory.

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