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Migration Guide for Eclipse Handly 1.0

Changes that need to be accommodated by current adopters as part of migrating to Eclipse Handly 1.0 from the previous major release (0.8).


  • IElementChangeEvent (530818)
    • IElementDelta getDelta()IElementDelta[] getDeltas()
  • IElementDeltaConstants (536186)
    • int CHANGED = 3int CHANGED = 4

  • ElementCache now extends new API class BoundedLruCache (533045)
    • ensureSpaceLimit(int, IElement)ensureMaxSize(int, IElement)
    • resetSpaceLimit(int, IElement)resetMaxSize(int, IElement)
  • ElementChangeEvent (530818)
    • ElementChangeEvent(int, IElementDelta)ElementChangeEvent(int, IElementDelta...)
  • ISourceFileImplSupport.ReconcileOperation (530827)
    • Added requirement that ReconcileOperation subclasses overriding the reconcile method must make sure to call the super implementation.
    • New API methods:
      • protected static boolean isInitialReconcile(IContext)
      • protected static boolean isReconcilingForced(IContext)


  • AdapterUtil has been removed (527476). The Eclipse Platform's class org.eclipse.core.runtime.Adapters is the direct replacement.
  • LruCache has been re-written from scratch with new API and implementation (533045). Due to significant breaking changes, existing clients need to be careful in adopting the new API, especially if they have extended a class in the former LruCache hierarchy.
  • OverflowingLruCache has been removed without direct replacement (533045). Clients can easily subclass new API class BoundedLruCache to implement an overflowing LRU cache.
  • New API:
    • BoundedLruCache (533045), a subclass of LruCache

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