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HOWL Update 1.21

This page describes changes from version 1.20 of HOWL.

Note: to better align with Higgins 1.1, this version of HOWL has recently been renamed 1.1.101. See HOWL 1.1 for more information

General Refactoring


  • Node -> Entity
  • NodeId Data Range -> Entity UDI
  • ContextId Data Range -> Context UDI


  • Range of EntityId was EntityId Data Range. Is now String or EntityUDI.
  • Range of ContextId was ContextId Data Range. Is now String or ContextUDI.
  • Renamed higgins:source to higgins:authority

Access Control-Related Changes

This version includes experimental support for our latest thinking about IdAS Access Control functionality.


Remove the access control constructs originally introduced in v1.20

New Classes

  • Policy (subclass of Entity)
  • Operation
    • Read (subclass of Operation)
    • Add (subclass of Operation)
    • Modify (subclass of Operation)
    • Delete (subclass of Operation)

New Predicates for Policy objects

  • subject: range=Agent
  • resource: range=EntityUDI or AttributeUDI
  • operation: range=Operation

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