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HBX Startup


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First time HBX starts up

  1. If HBX has NOT been "seeded" (from where it was downloaded) with a Higgins service URL (or with an i-name) then prompt user for URI:"Enter URL of Higgins Service: ____________ (Or, if your i-broker is configured with a Higgins Service, you can just type in your i-name, e.g. "=drummond.reed")"
  2. If user entered an i-name then HBX determines the Higgins Service URL by performing XRI resolution on the i-name
  3. If the user typed an i-name then this will be their higgins accountName, else prompt the user for an email address. Send this email address to Higgins Service (URL) for validation.
    • We just test that it is a valid email address, but don't send to their inbox, etc. We will *really* validate the email address later in the process. Since either (a) the user already has an account with the pw in the Firefox pw manager or (b) we're creating a new account, we don't need to bogg down this HBX startup process with asking them to check email, click on a link, etc.
  4. Password determination: If there is already a password for this combination of (URL, accountName) then use it, otherwise generate a strong but memorable password (by putting three words together (e.g. "BEETLE SUNSHINE FRANCE") and display the following to the user:
    • Higgins has set your password to <password> to the Higgins Service. Please memorize it. This is a very important password. Click here <checkbox> to have Firefox Password Manager remember it for you.
  5. Connect to the Higgins Service at URL using (accountName,password)
  6. Retrieve the EULA / Terms of Service text, display it and have the user "Accept" or "Cancel"
  7. Display and have the user accept the Higgins Privacy Agreement
  8. Future: Drag & drop a vCard (optional) [to create & initialize a "Personal" personal card]
  9. Edit "Personal" I-Card

Nth time HBX starts up

  1. Connect and authenticate to Higgins Service at URL using accountName and password from Firefox password manager
  2. Background processing of HTML scraping jobs (e.g. identity verification)

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