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HBX Source Folders


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In the HEAD stream of


Errata: "HBX" above should say "XPCom

XPCom folders
chrome Chrome is the set of user interface elements of the application window that are outside of a window's content area. Toolbars, menu bars, progress bars, and window title bars are all examples of elements that are typically part of the chrome.
content Content can consist of any file type viewable from within Mozilla. In particular, the content provider most often consists of a set of XUL, JavaScript and XBL binding files.
locale Translations for multi-language support. The two main types of files are DTD files and java-style properties files.
skin The skin provider provides complete appearance data for the user interface. Consisting of CSS files and images.

Interesting files
chrome.manifest The gecko runtime maintains a service known as the chrome registry that provides mappings from chrome package names to the physical location of chrome packages on disk.

An Install Manifest is the file an Addon Manager-enabled XUL application uses to determine information about an addon as it is being installed. It contains metadata identifying the addon, providing information about who created it, where more information can be found about it, which versions of what applications it is compatible with, how it should be updated, and so on.

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