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HBX Form Fill


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HBX supports a basic kind of automatic form filling. If the Relying Party Agent (RPA) site's form follows a specific set of conventions, and if a "form map" exists on the Higgins-based server supporting HBX and if the schema of the Context associated with the RPA site contains the properties mentioned in the form map, then HBX will automatically fill in the fields of the form with the values from the properties of the user's Digital Subject in the Context.

When the user points their browser/HBX at a page on the RPA site that contains a web form, HBX asks ISS for the form map that corresponds to this form. If the form map exists HBX uses it to copy the property values from its cached copy of the user's Digital Subject into the corresponding web form fields. A form map is an association between the HTML field names and the Digital Subject's property names.

For example, if the web form asked for wall color, and the form map existed then HBX could look up the schema attribute that corresponds to wall color (say the URI "wall coloring"), lookup the value of the "wall coloring" property, and automaticaly fill in the value into the form field.

When HBX requests a form map from the Higgins server it identifies the form map by concatenating:



  • host is the host site
  • name is the name attribute of the form
  • id = "rpformfilling"

RPA Site HTML Coding

The <form> MUST have an id attribute whose value MUST be "rpformfilling" to the entire form. The <form> MUST have a name attribute, its value is arbitrary.

For example:

   <form name="edit_form" method="post" id="rpformfilling"

Every individual element within the form MUST have a unique id attribute.

See also HBX Screen Scrape

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