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Gyrex/Learning Material/Install JAXRS AddOn

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Starting with Gyrex 1.2 (build I20120726) this is no longer necessary. The JAX-RS AddOn is now included in all 1.2 builds

For certain developments, e.g. developing JAX-RS applications, some additional bundles which weren't downloaded when setting up a target plattform are required. You can download these required bundles here. Download the zip-file, unzip it to a folder of your choice and remember the destination. Now we need to register the bundles in our target platform.

First you have to create a new simple project in your workspace, for example sample.releng. Now create a folder "targets" there and a subfolder "jaxrs". Right-clicking on this subfolder and clicking on Import will open a dialog to select a source. We just need the File System. On the next page browse in "From directory" to the destination of the unziped package. Select the plugins folder to import from and then select all available bundles. The target folder should be sample.releng/targets/jaxrs. By clicking Finish the bundle will be imported. To register these bundles in your target platform click on Window -> Preferences. Type in target platform, select your target platform and click Edit.... In register Locations click on the Add... Button, select Directory as a source of plug-ins and then go to the next page. Now browse to your workspace folder -> sample.releng -> targets -> jaxrs and select the plugins folder. On the next page all available bundles will be shown again but you only have to click on Finish. Now you will see the location path used to collect plug-ins for your target platform. After clicking on Finish click OK.

Now every required bundle is imported and registered.

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