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Gyrex/Contributor Guide/Patches

We use Gerrit for reviewing and accepting patches. Please have a look at the Eclipse Gerrit Guide.

Commit message guidelines

  • The commit message header should fit on one line and should start with an uppercase letter. A blank line separates it from the body of the message.
    • If there is an associated bug in Bugzilla, the first line should start with Bug <number>:
  • The first line should be a clear and concise description about the change and should not end with a dot.
  • Enter a newline before providing a more detailed description about the change.
  • Format the commit message to have newline characters after every 60-70 characters.
  • Find more reasoning about commit message formatting in "A Note About Git Commit Messages"
  • Commit message footers (everything following the last blank line in the commit message) in Key: value format are used for additional commit meta data. Some tools especially Gerrit parse this meta data to provide additional functionality.
    • If there is an associated bug in Bugzilla about it, it should come as a Task-Url: footer right before Gerrit's Change-Id entry (if available) or towards the end.
    • A Gerrit Change-Id: footer is required for all changes pushed to Gerrit (to enable pushing new patchsets for the same change), it should be added in the format shown below. Use the Gerrit commit message hook or EGit to add the Change-Id.
    • A "Signed-off-by:" should be added at the end of the commit message (see example below) as per the Eclipse contribution guidelines
    • A "Also-by:" should be added for every additional author contributing/working on the commit
Bug 448274: Allow automatic mounting of applications

When an ApplicationProvider is published as a service, its properties
will be evaluated. The following properties will trigger an automatic
registration and mounting of an application.

    an url to mount the application on 
    (string, mandatory - no auto-mount if no url is set)
    the context path 
    (String or IPath, defaults to /)
    the id of the application to register
    (String, defaults to value, 
    mandatory if not defined)

Change-Id: I74f08b085cadc0f050888ac68c146b8dcfd9bbd7
Signed-off-by: Your Name <>

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