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Graphical Modeling Framework/Versions/GMF Tooling 3.0

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  • RC2  : May 30, 2012
  • RC3  : July 6, 2012
  • Release: June, 2012

New and Noteworthy

Generated Code Structure

  • #368169 GMFT-Specific Runtime
    • Common code previously generated for all diagrams refactored to runtime
    • API extracted to allow external non-generated components to work agains ANY generated diagram
    • Less code to generate and maintain

Map -> Gen transformation

  • M2M QVTO bridge in addition to java-based “bridge”
    • Produces GenModel 100% compatible with results of java bridge
    • Eliminates need of implicit reconciler
    • Allows to chain default GMFT bridge with mini-MDA addons
  • #368988: ModeledViewmaps
    • Eliminates need to store code snippets in GMFGen models
    • Simplifies the GMFGen model structure
    • Allows advanced code-generation for related GEF and Draw2D code
    • is optional for backward compatibility with AROUND'ed templates

Diagram features

  • combo-box inplace editor
    • #158116 for EEnum typed attributes
    • #374583 for EReference[0..1]
    • general purpose -- fully customizable via GMFMap model
  • 100% generated support for OCL-defined bindings between semantic properties and diagram representation
  • 174005: Inner phantom elements

GMFGraph additions

  • #379461: Custom attributes for all figures to allow user tweaks
  • Direct support for usefull Draw2D constructs


  • #380352: Allow toolsmith to run custom templates to generate new classes after default code-generation


  • #354423: GMF Tooling is back to Juno release train
  • #368169: GMF Tooling code base migrated from CVS to Git repository
  • #368169: GMFT is now being built on Tycho

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