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Graphical Modeling Framework/Contributors Area/EclipseCon Europe 2011

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Your Graphical Editor in 25 minutes

Refusal reason

Reason: Thanks for your submission Mickael. GMF has been presented several times in previous Eclipse events with long tutorials. There was only few of GMF Tooling news and noteworthy this year (until you worked on its build) so we have decided to prefer other modeling talks. We hope however that you will come to talk about your work on GMF tooling build for instance during a modeling symposium BoF."

Ideas of demo

  • (may be?) 2 diagrams
    • "tables" diagram being developed within 25 mins
    • simple "guests" diagram with UML Actors and 2 type of links
      • we don't need to show how to develop this diagram, we can just use pre-existing one to create 4 guests and 4 links for a final demo
  • Show Visual Effects (smoking, not smoking)
  • Show SVG figures
  • Show validation (haters at the same table)
  • Show OpenDiagramBehavior (navigation from "table" to "guests")

Bootstrap diagram

  • Prototype for creation the diagram structure from the diagram
    • no graphical information, just the GMFMap model is targeted
    • "define by example" instead of implicit definition of "feature link for ECoreClass#someRef", use explicit definition like "from this and that source-nodes to this and that target nodes"
    • actions to map explicit to implicit definitions
    • internal model may be required, with final transformation to GMFMap model

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