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We adopt a 8 weeks fixed schedule between milestones. The planning of milestones is organic.

The number of milestones before the completion of Golo 3.1.0 is yet to be determined.

3.1.0-incubation-M1 (2016/01/14)

  • The new gololang.Errors modules provides functional error handling capabilities.
  • An issue with named parameters and directly-called anonymous function references has been fixed.
  • Duplicate struct and union types are now being detected as compilation errors.
  • The orIfNull operator was incorrectly eager, it has now been made lazy.
  • Overloaded instance methods from Java APIs are now supported, with proper call site invalidation. This augments the Golo to Java inter-operability.
  • The runtime support for instance methods resolution has been refactored.
  • A rare variable arguments matching issue has been fixed.
  • Augmentations are now also resolved based on the call stack, so that a calling module also offers its visible augmentations as a fallback.
  • Operator call sites now use an exception-based invalidation mechanism rather that a guard-based one.
  • Structures are now comparable.
  • Issues when mixing module state and closure state have been addressed.
  • A new console ANSI codes module is part of the standard API.
  • Custom factory functions can now be defined for structures.
  • Implicit modules are now imported after the explicit ones.
  • The compiler intermediate representation API has been refactored.

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