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Goals Achieve

  • The search executed by developers, will be sending to the peers (others developers with the SCP). Each peer will take out the criteria search and find source code in the Eclipse workspace that meets their needs. SCP will find Metadata terms, class name, imports, code block, comment block, method return and others criterions.
  • Developers want the ability to regulate access to their workspace, and to govern how the SCP will respond to searches. Social aspects for usage of these source code collaboration will have raised demand for security policies and restrictions. For example, maybe some workspace contents are associated with a 'public domain' group (which has public access only), while other source in the workspace is associated with other groups (for example EPL licensed code, commercial open source, commercial closed source, etc - Within each group could be appropriate sharing and search policies. SCP will have a set of roles and policies that can be applied to collaborative settings. These roles and policies can be customized.
  • The peers that received the request, will send to the requester a list of response, this list contain peer name, source code file name, method name(if possible), date, last update, number of results and a possible page rank.
  • The requester selects a bundle of choice, and the SCP download the files.
  • SCP copies the files to shared area in the requester, and make them available from a view.

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