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Term Definition
AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
API Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interface (API) A set of routines, including functions, methods, and procedures, that exposes application functionality to support integration and extend applications.
ATL ATLAS Transformation Language
ATLAS Atlantic Data Systems
BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool
CDT C/C++ Development Toolkit
CDO Connected Data Objects
Client API & web UI COSMOS components used to access or visualize data from multiple MDRs or Data Managers
Context TBD
COSMOS Community-driven Systems Management in Open Source
CU Configuration Unit
CVS Concurrent Versions System
Data Adapter Is a product-specific component that is implemented by each product to share its data
Data Broker This is the component where all the web services that share data register themselves
Data Collection Runtime TBD
Data Manager Is a component that hosts one or more Data Adapters, and handles communication with the COSMOS environment
Distro Is a set of (i.e. open source) software components packaged into a working whole and distributed to the user community
Domain model The root of an SML-IF document. Contains a set of definition and instance documents SML Spec
Definition Documents The subset of documents in a model that describes the schemas and rules that govern the structure and content of the model’s documents. The SML-IF specification defines two kinds of definition documents - XML Schema documents that conform to SML’s profile of XML Schema, and rule documents that conform to SML’s profile of Schematron. SML Spec
DMS Data Mediator Service
ECF Eclipse Communication Framework
EIP Enterprise Integration Pattern
EL Expression Language (e.g. JSF EL)
EMF Eclipse Modeling Framework
EMFT Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology
EMP Eclipse Modeling Project
EMS Enterprise Messaging System (?)
ESB Enterprise Service Bus (?)
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
GEF Graphical Editing Framework
GMF Graphical Modeling Framework
GUI Graphical User Interface
ID Identifier
IDE Integrated Development Environment
Instance Documents The subset of documents in a model that describe the structure and content of the modeled entities. SML Spec
IU Installable Unit
IWG Industry Working Group
J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition
JAX-WS Java API for XML Web Services
JDK Java Development Kit
JDT Java Development Tooling
JET Java Emitter Templates
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JSF JavaServer Faces
JSF EL JSF Expression Language
Management Annotation TBD
Management Domain A COSMOS component used to bootstrap the COSMOS system
Management Interfaces TBD
M2M Model-to-Model or Machine-to-Machine
M2M-IWG Machine-to-Machine Industry Working Group
Metadata Registry A repository that contains access and configuration information about the structure of data that enables a program to process information.
MDE Model-Driven Engineering
MQTT MQ Telemetry Transport (a protocol used by Eclipse Paho)
MWT Multiplatform Widget Tookit
NAB Native Application Builder
OCL Object Constraint Language
OS Operating System or sometimes Open Source
OSGi (originally Open Services Gateway initiative)
PDE Plug-in Development Environment
PTP Parallel Tools Platform
Query API The query API provides a web service interface to the data store(s). Its binding will be constructed in a manner analogous to the Data Collection adapters where extensions can be created to implement any desired query mechanism without requiring dependence on the type or location of the underlying data store.
QVT Query/View/Transformation
RAP Rich AJAX Platform
RCP Rich Client Platform
RDT Remote Development Tools
Resource domain A set of definition and/or template documents that can be used to build define a domain
Resource Model editor An editor that can create domain model instances, based on a set of predefined templates
RSE Remote System Explorer
SCA Service Component Architecture
SDK Software Development Kit
SDO Service Data Objects
SML Service Modeling Language
SML-IF SML-Interchange Format. This is a way to aggregate and share SML definitions and instances, identifying the aggregation and defining document aliases and rule bindings. See also the SML Spec
SML-IF instance validation The process of validating the content of an SML-IF resource, including SML instance documents contained by the SML-IF resource, applying any Schematron rules defined as a definition document and bound to SML instances. See also the SML Spec
SML Repository APIs A set of APIs used to retrieve SML documents from a repository implementation. COSMOS provides a file-system based repository.
SML validation The action of validating SML documents. The SML specification extends both the XML Schema 1.0 and Schematron specifications.
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SSE Server-Side Eclipse but also Structured Source Editing
STP SOA Tools Platform
SWT Standard Widget Toolkit
TBD To Be Determined
Template document An SML instance defining a common pattern that can be re-used and adapted in different domain models
Template editor An editor that can create definition and template documents
UI User Interface
UML Unified Modeling Language
VM Virtual Machine
WS Web Services but also Windowing System
WSDL Web Services Description Language
WTP Web Tools Platform
XML eXtensible Markup Language
XSDL XML Structure Definition Language

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