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GetRPAttributes Example Flow


Call to getRPAttributes

  ctxt = <udi-of-static-mydex-experian-app-data-context> = RP_1
  app = "test app"
  atts = {, false,},
         {, false, nil}
         {, false, nil}
         {, false, nil}
  effective = <Now>
  where = nil
  token_type = "json" <= yikes! we need some way to specify we want json
  issuer_policy = nil
  privacy_url = nil
  privacy_version = nil
  interactive = false

Initial state of data

Get0 2.0.110.png

(A) Instantiate context

Get1 2.0.110.png

(B) Analyze the list of requested attributes

Result =

  requested-attributes = ;
  sourcePerson = A;
  requested-attributes = {fp:postalCode?r=Buyer, false, nil}, 
  {fp:postalCode?r=Buyer, false, nil};
  sourcePerson = B;
  requested-attributes = {fp:givenName?r=Recipient, false, nil}; 
  sourcePerson = C, D;

To be completed

We'll need this image:

Get2 2.0.111.png


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