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GeneAuto UI


Full name GeneAuto UI
Project URL
Download URL
License EPL
Registration Not required
Developer Alyotech Technologies
Creator(s) Alyotech Technologies
Launched -
Current Status Pre-Alpha
Stable Version -

GeneAuto UI is an Open Source set of plugins and components that allows people to convert Papyrus Activity Diagrams to GeneAuto compatible input files.

N.B. : The GeneAuto UI project described in this article IS NOT the geneauto-eclipse-ui which is described on the geneauto website. GeneAuto UI aims at providing inputs and receive files to/from geneauto and geneauto-eclipse-ui

History and development


GeneAuto UI is a set of tools and software components aiming at easing the GeneAuto integration within the Polarsys platform.
The development phase started in april 2012 during the ITEA project "OPEES".

Early version

The project GeneAuto UI was born in 2012. It has not been released yet.

Source code

GeneAuto UI is an Eclipse RCP project written in Java and available under the Eclipse Public Licence (EPL). The source code of GeneAuto UI will be available soon on the project's GIT repository.


First stable release: GeneAuto UI 1.0.0 should be available by the end of August 2012.

Latest stable release: -

Previous versions
Latest stable release
Next release

Version Release date Release log
1.0 2012-08-31 First version of GeneAuto UI under EPL licence.

Supported platforms

GeneAuto UI is written in Java and is deployed as a set of plugins on the Eclipse IDE. It is compatible with java 6+ on the following platforms:

   Mac OS X
   Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Geneauto UI goals

Geneauto UI has several goals related to GeneAuto or to the polarsys community :

  • Geneauto UI intends to provide a simulink-like editor to allow the end users to edit their geneauto models directly from within the polarsys platform. We do not intend to replace simulink, and are pretty aware that we will not be able to implement all simulink features. But this will provide an integrated development environment for critical embedded systems.
  • Geneauto UI intends to reuse as much as possible the components which were selected to be part of the polarsys platform. This will allow the geneauto UI team to make feedbacks and to provide ideas of improvement to the other components teams, and thus we hope to improve the global polarsys quality a step further.
  • Finally, Geneauto UI will allow to generate certifiable C Code from UML2 activity diagrams.


GeneAuto UI aims at providing a set of features to allow the user to generate certifiable C code from their UML models, using geneauto and geneauto.eclipse.ui.
GAUI UseCases gacomponents.png

Create/Edit a geneauto project

A geneauto project is a set of UML files and diagrams, geneauto files, and simulink or scicos files.

Create / Edit a UML activity diagram

GeneAuto UI will rely on the Papyrus UML editor and its capacity to apply profiles to a UML model. Geneauto UI contains a profile with a set of stereotypes allowing to apply a "BlockType" profile on each activity or opaque action contained in an Activity Diagram in order to gather all the data required for transforming it into a geneauto model. Once this profile applied to the UML model :

  • stereotypes will be available for the Activities,
  • a geneauto specific palette will be available for the model edition
  • (to be studied) OCL rules must be added so that we make sure that the model is correct

Converting an Activity Diagram to a Geneauto model

We intend, for now, to use ATL to apply the transformation between {UML + UML profile} and {Geneauto model}
In a first time, only the transformation Activity diagram => Geneauto model will be implemented.

Converting a Geneauto model to an Activity Diagram

In a second time, the transformation Geneauto model => Activity diagram (.uml + .uml.di) will be considered.



We are currently starting the development phase based on the version 0.8.2 of papyrus (201204031124).


As shown previously, geneauto UI is a frontend to the geneauto toolset.
Integrating geneauto in polarsys would allow to keep better synchronization and compatibility between what is done by the geneauto community, and the work which is realized by the polarsys community.


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