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Generic gendoc template for Papyrus

Gendoc version prerequisites

To run the template, Gendoc 0.6.0 or higher is required (because of properties tag usage)

Papyrus Gendoc Bundle is also required

Import and Run

if you are a Gendoc newcomer you can try to start using Gendoc with this project :

This project can be imported in your workspace using File > Import ... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace

It exists 3 folders in this project :

  • models : contains a sample Papyrus model
  • template : contains the generic gendoc template and can be used to change the input model or the output path
  • generated : the default output path for generation

To run the documentation generation you just have to right click on SampleProject/template/gendoc_generic.docx > Generate documentation using Gendoc

Don't forget to

  • refresh the generated folder after generation
  • update the document fields when you open the result of the generation (Ctrl + A, F9)

Template description

This template uses Gendoc capabilities :

  • take the root element of the model
  • for each package and their children insert the diagram and the associated comment of the package
  • for each element displayed in each diagram, if this element has a diagram the will be displayed

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