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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Jun 17 2014

Gemini Meeting - Tues June 17, 2014

Attendees: Dmitry, Mike

  1. Overall Project Discussion
    • Not many of the leads in attendance (apologies from 2 leads)
    • Discussed future of Gemini
    • Many of the leads have moved on to other areas of work and no longer have the time for Gemini
    • Some leads have explicitly said that they will likely leave the project
    • Community involvement seems to have dropped off
    • The few forum posts that do show up seem to be limited to JPA and Blueprint
    • Will talk to the project leads and see which ones want to stay
    • Dmitry stated that he is still interested in working on Blueprint
    • Mike to send out forum/dist list item to request participation
    • Failure to find new project leads will result in the projects being put in hibernation
    • May be that some projects are shelved while others continue

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