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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Jul 2 2013

Gemini Meeting - Tues July 2, 2013

Attendees: Juergen, Mike

  1. Actions from Last Meetings
    • None
  2. Subproject Updates
    • Gemini JPA
      • 1.2.0 M1 milestone available since last meeting
      • Planning for a M2 milestone later in the month
    • Gemini DBAccess
      • Contribution from individual for SQL Server
        • Action: Mike to find out what the legal issues are
  3. Summer Meetings
    • Haven't heard from Lazar and Violeta
      • Action: Juergen to check to see what is going on with them
    • Suggestion that we adjourn meetings for the summer because of vacation and poor attendance
      • Action: Mike to send out email to the group

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