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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Jan 17 2012

Gemini Meeting - Tues Jan 17, 2012

Attendees: Tom Ware, Juergen Kissner, Lazar Kirchev, Mike Keith

  1. Actions from Last Meeting
    • Mike - To check on status of JMX CT - Ongoing - no availability date yet
    • Mike - Get advice on how to proceed on Naming release - Ongoing - Checked with Wayne B and got some advice. Will proceed to discuss in RT PMC
    • All - Add releases to Maven repo - Not done - nobody has added them yet
  2. Subproject Updates
    • Management
      • Git migration completed
      • Action: Lazar to send out link on how to keep history across migration
      • Getting ready to release and graduate in Jan or Feb
        • Code and docuware ready
        • Have requested a date for the review, waiting to hear back
    • Naming
      • Still want to have a release, just need to determine the best way to do it (whether to graduate or not)
      • Action: Mike to discuss in RT PMC and get their suggestion
    • DBAccess
      • Code contribution for H2 and Hsqldb
        • Was greater than 250 lines and therefore would need next level of process
        • Contains all of the infrastructure part that does not need to be there
        • Juergen to suggest that they recontribute just the bits that are important to be added to the framework (Juergen can add the extra project parts)
        • May also split up into two contributions if necessary - should not really be that much code based on the framework structure
      • Contributor of SQLLite and Oracle code complained that it was not yet integrated into the project
        • Explain to him that we have no obligation to incorporate any code contributions
        • If it fits in with the project and adds value then it will be added in -- it's up to the committers
    • JPA
      • Seem to have lost commit rights to CVS web site repo
      • Juergen reported a similar problem even for his SVN code repo for DBAccess
      • Not sure if it has to do with the changes to the accounts made over Christmas, or is unrelated
      • Action: Mike to send an email to the Web master asking if he has any ideas
  3. Other
    • Maven repo
      • Action: All, add released bundles to shared Maven repo in gemini/mvn folder

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