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Getting Started

  1. Download Equinox (org.eclipse.osgi) and jars. Both are available in the Equinox SDK on | Equinox Downloads.
  2. Download osgi.enterprise jar from | Orbit Downloads.
  3. Download Gemini Management ( | Gemini Management Downloads.
  4. Place the four bundles in a folder, e.g. test-gemini-management.
  5. Create a subfolder configuration with a config.ini file in it to configure Equinox. In config.ini define the property osgi.bundles:

Start Equinox with

java -jar org.eclipse.osgi.<version>.jar -console

Note: With Equinox 3.8 you have to pass a property -Dosgi.console.enable.builtin=true or add the Gogo shell bundles to your installation and config.ini to access the OSGi console.

What's next?

  1. Create a test bundle, from which to invoke the MBeans of Gemini Management. Your test bundle should registers the platform MBeanServer as an OSGi service - Gemini Management needs such service to be registered in order to work.
  2. Install and start your test bundle.

Using Gemini Management in Eclipse

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