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To use Gemini JPA you will need to install the Gemini JPA bundle as well as the bundles they depend on. Assuming you have already downloaded the org.elipse.gemini.jpa Gemini JPA bundle (e.g. from the Gemini Download site) the following bundles are also required:

  1. OSGi Framework

    You may use Plugin Development Environment (PDE) in the Eclipse IDE, which will give you access to the Equinox OSGi framework, or you may execute outside of PDE and use any OSGi framework you choose, such as Felix. Either Equinox or Felix will work in standalone mode outside of an IDE.

    To download the Equinox bundles to use in standalone mode, see and follow the Equinox documentation for installation and startup.

    To download the Felix bundles to use in standalone mode, see and follow the Felix documentation for installation and startup.

    Note: The OSGi framework must be compliant with the OSGi Core Platform Specification v4.3 in order to support Gemini JPA.

  2. OSGi Enterprise Platform Specification API bundle

    Gemini JPA implements some of the OSGi Enterprise APIs so the osgi.enterprise bundle must be resident. The bundle includes both the source and the class files so it can be used for both execution and debugging.

    The Gemini DBAccess download includes this bundle as part of its download, or it can be downloaded from the OSGi web site:

  3. Gemini DBAccess (Optional)

    While you don't strictly require Gemini DBAccess to run Gemini JPA it renders your application much more modular and easier to configure. The actual bundles you need depend upon the database you are using. If DBAccess is not present you will need to make the JDBC driver accessible to the EclipseLink bundles by including them in your persistence bundle (the bundle that includes your persistence unit).

  4. EclipseLink bundles

    The following EclipseLink bundles are required:

    • javax.persistence (v2.03 or later)
    • org.eclipse.persistence.asm
    • org.eclipse.persistence.antlr
    • org.eclipse.persistence.core
    • org.eclipse.persistence.jpa

    Except where noted beside the javax.persistence bundle, the EclipseLink bundles must be version 2.2 or greater.

    Note: You do *NOT* need the org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.osgi bundle shipped with EclipseLink.

Once these bundles have all been installed you should be able to create, install and run your application.

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