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Releasing Gemini Blueprint 2.x

Pre-requisites: JDK 1.8. Maven 3.3.x.

Step 1 - make sure artifacts are prepared

The docs/ module is independent of the maven module structure any may have to be set to the release target version manually in the pom.xml. The docs module must then be build manually. The resulting generated documentation in target/site/reference must be copied to the gemini website.

mvn docbkx:generate-html@single-page && mvn docbkx:generate-html@multi-page

Make sure the changelog.txt is up to date regarding the included changes of the release.

Step 2 - execute staging release

Execute the Hudson release staging build ( After execution, test the staged artifacts. Go to and switch to the nexus managed repositories:


There, select the orgeclipsegemini-[NNN] repository created by the build. Download and test the artifacts contained therein: - Are all expected release artifacts contained? - Are the artifacts versioned as expected?

Step 3 - publish the release (or drop it)

If you are satisfied with the staged artifacts, copy the staging repo id (e.g., "orgeclipsegemini-1001" in /service/local/repositories/orgeclipsegemini-1001/content/). Provide this as a parameter to the Gemini Blueprint Publish Release Job ( This will irrevocably release the artifacts to maven central. In case you want to discard the staged artifacts execute the Gemini Blueprint Discard Release Job ( with the same repository ID and the staged release version.

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