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This document aims to capture some, if not all, of the cryptic error messages produced by a Ganymatic build, and translate them into a meaningful problem description and, where possible, steps to correct the problem. See also bug 226321.

Error Parsing feature stream

This error message comes from Update Manager's org.eclipse.update.internal.core.InternalFeatureParser, the parser used for feature.xml files.

Check your feature.xml files?

No suitable provider for component was found in searchPath

Ganymatic uses Buckminster to resolve the features declared in the site contribution file. Buckminster in turn uses a Resource Map Provider that is generated from the site contribution. Here, the generated provider is not able to resolve the feature.

This error could be rewritten as "Update site feature, declared in Ganymede contribution & named, could not be found."

Check your .sc file and your site*.xml for mismatch

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String incompatible with org.eclipse.update.core.model.SiteModel

This error is generated by the Update Manager's org.eclipse.update.core.model.DefaultSiteParser: for some reason, its objectStack is unbalanced. It makes an attempt to process a category definition and assumes that a SiteModel is at the top of the stack. Unfortunately, the top object is a String.

Check your site*.xml file for invalid XML?

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