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Checklist for SR2 release, February 26, 2010

Friday 2/19 RC4. Code and builds done.

As stated in our plan,

The Final week before GA will not have any further builds or contributions, but instead be reserved for final adopter testing and preparation and only emergency fixes for very serious regressions will be considered.

If anyone does need a respin, let's follow our new Exception Process: Get your PMC approval, and have your Planning Council Rep appeal to the Planning Council for a quick vote or veto.

2/20 - 2/21 ... relax, its the weekend!

dw: prepare current /releases/galileo to be ready for new composite structure, as we've been practicing with milestones. This may causes mirrors to be 'down' a day or two, while they "get" the new structure. After this one-time setup, it should not be "down" ever again ... except for all the times I mess up.

DONE: created /releases/galileo/200909241140 and hand created composite jar/xml files.

2/22 Monday. ... relax, its still early

2/23 Tuesday.
2/24 Wednesday.

First three days of the week are for final testing (not so much for respins, but just so you know ahead of time if you need an emergency patch ready to go, or a "readme" file, describing how to work around some issue).

Plus, its a good time for people to create news items, announcement notes (for use on Friday) and also any final SR2 download pages. Some URLs, for example, will need to be "inferred" and created by hand, before there is actually in content to download at its final place.

Consider if some distributions should be archived. This is sometimes not done for maintenance releases, but it is important to keep the active, mirrored content to a minimum, partially for our own infrastructure, but also so that mirrors do not "fill up" and discover they can no longer participate as an Eclipse mirror.

(Note: while it doesn't apply to "common repo" right now, in future checklists, we should move some "artifacts" to the archive site, and update the URL in the compositeArtifacts.jar/xml file.)

2/25 Thursday. Promote day.

This is the final day projects put final zips and repositories in their final spot (but without displaying or announcing them). Since the server is not literally frozen on this day, teams can start a day or two earlier, if desired, as long as the zips or repositories are not "visible" through web pages or P2 clients.

This is done "quietly", "invisibly", before final release day, so the bulky stuff can propagate through the mirroring system, before hundreds of thousands of downloads start.

Similar for the p2 repositories. The method of "not making P2 visible" is not as commonly understood, but if you do know how, then put repo in place to mirror first, on promote day, then "enable" that branch of your composite repo on the following, release day. If you don't know how to do it in two stages, best to wait until afternoon of 'Release' day to update P2 repositories.

Be sure archives and repositories are in place by 5 PM (Eastern Time) at the latest, so they can mirror for at least one overnight.


dw to do items:
  1. Tag CVS galileo .build files (and all other "common repo" files) with "SR2". (DONE)
  2. run script to copy "maintenance" repo to /releases/galileo/201002260900/ (DONE)
  3. Check that the script correctly updates mirror URL in aggregate/artifacts.jar.
    End result should be the "parent" of artifact.jar, such as ...file="/releases/galileo/201002260900/aggregate/". (DONE)
  4. Update (by hand) the URL in .../201002260900/compositeArtifacts.xml to point to main Platform site: from, to (DONE)

2/26 Friday. Final daze.

If all looks well mirrored by 9 AM, we are good to go. If not ... we may wait until noon.

Exact time, or "ready to release" message, will be communicated on cross-project list. (Done)

Once good to go:


Projects can now reveal the download pages put in place on promote day, and announce general availability to users.

SimRel (Done)

Be sure to coordinate with Kim, so Platform's 3.5 site is ready, before updating Sim Rel site.

dw: update compositeContent.jar and compositeArtifacts.jar files (in .../releases/galileo/, so they include the new branch of the composite repo., thereby making it "visible" to P2. The means changing

   <children size='1'>
       <child location='200909241140'/>


   <children size='2'>
       <child location='200909241140'/>
       <child location='201002260900'/>

Eclipse Download Page(s)

Nathan and Markus: flip switch (update releases.xml file) so downloadable SR2 packages are visible, and available from "main" download page. (DONE)


Finally ... everyone take the weekend off :) and relax for doing such a great job!


Note: see also Galileo/Final Daze for more details on some topics.

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