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The GEF4 Graph component provides a simple, UI-independent graph model. It consists of the single Graph module.



  • feature: org.eclipse.gef4.graph
  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.graph

The Graph module of GEF4 Graph provides the single {Root} package, which delivers a generic graph model representation and related utility classes.


  • package: org.eclipse.gef4.graph

The {Root} package provides a simple graph model and a support class to copy/merge such models.


Graph, Node, Edge

A Graph serves as a container for Nodes and Edges. Additionally, a Graph can be nested inside a nesting Node, so that sub-graphs can be properly represented.

Moreover, arbitrary attributes can be set on Graphs, Nodes, and Edges. The concrete attributes that are used are outside the scope of the GEF4 Graph component. The DOT importer of the GEF4 DOT component, e.g. adds DOT-specific attributes to the Graph it creates, the GEF4 Zest component uses visualization-specific attributes, which determine the concrete visualization.


A GraphCopier is a utility class to copy/merge graphs.