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Draw2d 3.x, GEF (MVC) 3.x, and Zest 1.x. are the currently available production components provided by the GEF project. They have the following scopes:

  • Draw2d (org.eclipse.draw2d) - A layout and rendering toolkit for displaying graphics on an SWT Canvas.
  • GEF (MVC) (org.eclipse.gef) - An interactive MVC framework built on top of Draw2d, which fosters the implementation of rich graphical editors for the Eclipse Workbench.
  • Zest (org.eclipse.zest) - A visualization toolkit based on Draw2d, which enables implementation of graphical views for the Eclipse Workbench.

Information for Consumers (Developers)

Information for Contributors & Committers

GEF is a mature project with stable API. To develop innovations without interfering with the Draw2d/GEF (MVC) 3.x and Zest 1.x development stream, we have started to work on a GEF4 provisional component.

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