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G-Eclipse/Meeting Minutes/2009-03-31

Meeting Title: g-Eclipse Conference Call
Date & Time: Tuesday Mar 31, 2009 at 1500 UTC / 0700 SFO / 1000 NYC / 1500 London / 1600 Berlin
Dial-in: The conference calls are open to the public, and we invite everyone to participate. All you need is an Internet connection, the EVO software, and a EVO user id. You can get everything you need at


  • Thomas Koeckerbauer
  • Sylva Girtelschmid
  • Ariel Garcia


  • TBD


  • SSH plugins (SFTP) - probably 2 bundles
    • Thomas uploaded the code in Bug #266987
    • Ariel will open CQ (done, CQ #3226)
  • gz compression for Java
    • (used in the traceviewer, known errors in standard JVM implementation, better open source implementation available from Jcraft)
    • Thomas did a plugin (in CVS)
    • Ariel will check the license etc and open a CQ
  • Gilda infrastructure
    • Sylva using it for lectures at Linz
    • Some sites failing, Ariel contacted them
    • Thomas will do a tutorial at LRZ on 29 April
  • Thomas presented g-Eclipse in monthly meeting at LRZ
    • main issue reported by attendees was missing GT4 support
    • good chances that Munich will work on GT4 support
    • Ariel also did some initial skeleton stuff
  • Patches for the workflow editor?
    • Ariel applied the missing one
  • Thomas tested gEclipse with Galileo,
    • only workflow component not compiling (due to EMF)


  • TBD

Additional Topics

  • ...

Action Items

  • CQs for ssh plugins and jzlib, Ariel

Carry over items

  • JSDL Editor into its own installable feature?
  • Data management performance. - Mateusz!
  • Email by Piter de Boer ( on 25.2.09 regarding LFC reuse and bugfixing, see . Did we react to that email, and profit from his fixes?

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