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From Modeling to Execution in the Enterprise -- using BPMN and BPEL


Business Process Model Notation: high level

Business Process Execution Markup

The gap: the business person knows how the job gets done; the IT guys

BPMN Hello Worlds

Hello World workflow

  • Pure business diagram
  • Workflows can get complex: sub-processes, gateways, links.
  • Documented business diagram
  • HelloWorld WSDL-operation

Hello World service orchestration

  • The other side of the workflow: HelloWorld service provider.
  • The hello-world service pool
  • Plugging things together with messages.

Hello World's execution in BPEL

  • WSDL vocabulary: operation is a single message exchange.

Either a request-response or a one-way. A one-way is a single message being sent. A request-response is at least a request and at least a response. Eventually fault messages can be sent back instead of the response.


  • On the client pool: a single bpel:invoke where the operation is well know.
  • On the service pool: a receive followed by a reply.

Hello World has schizophrenia

  • Make sure the various workflows are well defined.
  • Decide what needs to be visualized.
  • Investigate where interfaces are defined and where they will be generated.

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