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Firefox Add-on Build Monitor

Monitor Hudson builds and display the status on Firefox status bar. Use Hudson Build Monitor to keep track of Hudson builds. Add Hudson feed URL to Build Monitor and an icon representing the builds status will appear on Firefox status bar.

Either mouse over the status icon to view the tooltip and quickly check the builds information, or left click the icon and select a build page to open. It's also easy to trigger a build by using one of the menu options. New homepage

latest wiki documentation can be found at here

Download & Installation

Visit and click on Add to Firefox.

Starting with Firefox 4, the Hudson icon is displayed on the add-on bar. An add-on bar is disabled by default (at least as of Firefox 4 Beta 7). You have to manually enable it.

On OS X:

3 Select View > Toolbars > Add-on Bar.

On Windows & Linux: Please leave a comment with the instruction on how you enabled the Add-on Bar, it will be added to this section.

OS X users are required to configure Firefox:

  1. Type about:config on the Firefox URL bar, and then press Enter
  2. Search for browser.preferences.instantApply. The default value on OS X is true, set this to false.

This change is needed due to a problem with preference accept button behaviour with FF3.* on OS X, more info is available from . By setting instantApply to false, you'll have to click OK when you change Firefox Add-on Preferences.


Q: How to add a feed to be monitored?

A: Go to your Hudson web page. If you're on the dashboard or view page, the Hudson feed links are located at the bottom right area. If you're on a job page, the feed links are at the left area bellow the build history. Click the right mouse button on a feed link (For all, For failures, or For just last builds), then select Add Link To Hudson Build Monitor. Provide a name and click OK.

Q: How to monitor a group of jobs?

A: You can either add the feeds of those jobs one by one, or you can create a view that contains only the jobs that you want and then add the feed link of that view.

Q: How to display only the latest build status?

A: Select Preference > Display, then select the latest build from the drop down list.


  1. After restarting Firefox following an installation, a Hudson icon will appear on Firefox status bar panel.
  2. Go to your Hudson web site, right click on a feed link (i.e. "for all", "for failures", or "for just last builds" links) and select "Add Link To Hudson Build Monitor" from the menu.
  3. Provide a name for the feed, then click OK. Build Monitor will suggest a name for the feed depending on whether the feed is for the whole Hudson instance, or specific to a particular job.
  4. The feed status icon will appear on Firefox status bar. Mouse over it to see the build details on a tooltip. If you want to visit any of those builds' web page, left click the weather/orb icon, and a build menu will appear. Click on any of the build items to open the corresponding build web page.
  5. Preferences window can be opened via right click menu of a status icon.

Check out the demo video of Build Monitor 0.9.


Build Monitor has been translated to French, Indonesian, and Japanese. If you're interested in helping with the translations, please submit a patch to the issue tracker. If you have commit rights, please feel free to add the translation yourself.

To add a new locale, please follow these steps:

  1. Add new locale directory under /hudson/extras/firefox-extension/buildmonitor/src/chrome/locale directory.
  2. Add buildmonitor.dtd and files in that directory. Have a look at en-US locale directory as example, copy paste the content to the new locale files, translate the value of each property.
  3. Add the new locale to /hudson/extras/firefox-extension/buildmonitor/src/chrome.manifest
    locale    buildmonitor   <new_locale>    jar:chrome/buildmonitor.jar!/locale/<new_locale>/






Icons from Tango Desktop Project.

Sound effects from the freesound project:

   Build Failure - glass break 5.wav by Freq Man
   Executor Stuck - scannerhrn.wav by NoiseCollector

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