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Field Guide to Callisto Bugs

Note: This page discusses topics related to the 2006 Callisto Simultaneous Release. Most of the Callisto pages are deprecated. You are urged to find current information on pages related to the 2007 effort, currently named the Europa Simultaneous Release.

This page will help Callisto bug hunters and bug fixers coordinate their efforts. The ways we make the best use of everyone's time will evolve with each milestone leading to the simultainous release. Consult this page to get and give tips on finding bugs with value and producing reports with action.

Hot Spots for this Milestone

  • This is a big one for the update manager. Look for glitches there, at the update site, and its mirrors.

Tips for Writing Winning Bug Reports

There is a contest for the best reports. Great bug reporters:

  • Get Action (by understanding what action is required and facilitating that.)
  • Max Value (by recognizing where and how to find the bugs that really matter.)

How to maximize chances of finding bugs

1. Install only parts of Callisto, for example, can BIRT be installed without JDT? (answer: yes and no, see 131102).

2. Does Callisto install correctly on all platforms? For example, does something allow you to install it on Macintosh, but it does not actually run on the Mac?

3. Does the order of installing matter? Does the VM? (1.4 vs. 1.5) .... you can imagine the possiblities.

Once Callisto is installed ... then what?

First, just test all the normal function you love to ordinarily use. This is most important, since we want to be sure nothing "breaks", just because something else is installed too.

But also, just take a step back, and look at the big picture of the general organiation of those areas where "everything" is likely to show up ... prefernces, "new" menus and wizards, are perspectives still meaninful, or do they overlap? Can you still find your faviorte preferences? Or is there too many to sort through? How about import and export .. can you still find the things you normally import and export even though there now more to pick from?

Also, try loading up lots of big projects and see if, with everything installed, do lots of plugins get activated, even though you are not using them? Does performance suffer if lots of "resource change listeners" are busy listening for anything that might interest them (even though it may not interest you, the user!).

Also, once Callisto is installed, try going back and looking for new features to install. You'll notice that the Callisto feature themselves install update (and discovery) sites .. what's out there? Anything you're interested in? Anything you'd expect to see on main Callisto site instead?

Lastly ... tell you friends! And try sharing projects and settings and prefernces. Does everything still get shared as you'd expect? (especially in a consistent, meaningful way?)

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