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FAQ How can I run an infocenter on different servers?

This feature has recently been implemented, see [1].

This page is intended to track any issues related to following the infocenter recipe attached to this bug report.

FAQ #1 - what version of Eclipse is this in? Contributed by Chris Goldthorpe 1/25/2008

The infocenter as war file can be deployed from any version of Eclipse 3.4 I20080122-1600 or later. I recommend that you pick up the most recent integration build.

FAQ #2 - Should I use the infocenter kit attached to Bug 201666? Contributed by Chris Goldthorpe 1/25/2008

That can be used but I have moved everything needed to create a war file into the plugin of the SDK. The official version and the only version that is being actively maintained is the one that is part of the product.

FAQ #3 - how can I find the documentation page? Contributed by Chris Goldthorpe 1/25/2008

Search the help for "war".

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