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This is the landing page for the Eclipse Examples Project.

The Eclipse Examples Project (Examples) provides a location for adopters of Eclipse technology to find well-documented example applications, platforms, and features/plug-ins/bundles that demonstrate the use of Eclipse technology. The idea behind the project is to provide a home for examples of applications and plug-ins that use Eclipse technology. As a general rule, examples utilize technologies from multiple Eclipse projects, though this is not rigorously enforced to avoid excluding examples that might otherwise be useful and interesting.

We believe that a collection of well-documented and compelling examples demonstrating the use of Eclipse technology is of great benefit to the projects and the adopter community. First, these examples provide increased visibility for the projects. Further, they provide a vehicle for demonstrating and testing interactions between projects that might otherwise be difficult or impossible provide in the context of any one project. Perhaps most important, these examples provide much-needed documentation for adopters of Eclipse Technology.

We currently have the following examples:

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