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Example: Aperi Agent Request Handler

Example Request Handler

This example shows how a 3rd party plugin can contribute a request handler to the Aperi agent. The example handler writes "Hello World\!" to the agent log. The example also includes the client code necessary to exercise the handler.


  1. Extract the latest 0.2 code to your Eclipse workspace.
  2. Download the example code.
  3. Import the sample
    • File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace
    • Import both projects from the archive and click finish.
  4. Run the Example_AgentRequestHandler launch configuration. Note: Compare this launch configuration with the "RunAperiAgent" launch configuration. It should be the same as the agent launch configuration with the addition of the "Example_AgentRequestHandler" bundle.
  5. Run the Example_AgentRequestHandler_Client launch configuration.
    • The console should output the message, "Request completed successfully.". If it does, check the agent log for the message, "HWM0001I: Hello World!".
    • If the console displays an exception (1) check that the agent started successfully (2) correct the hostname and port information in the "example.AgentRequestHandler.client.Application" class.

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